Council demands apology from ward councillor for ‘inaccurate’ comments

NPOC Late Night Shopping ps1349-18L'Pocklington Late night Shopping Pictured by Pam Stanforth ps1349-18L
NPOC Late Night Shopping ps1349-18L'Pocklington Late night Shopping Pictured by Pam Stanforth ps1349-18L

A town council has demanded a public apology and retraction following ‘inaccurate’ information posted on social media about a ‘Lions ban’.

At October’s Pocklington Town Council meeting the Pocklington and District Lions’ involvement in the Christmas Festival was discussed.

The discussion arose while the town council decided on a grant application from the charity for £300, considered the maximum grant they would give.

Cllr Peter Winterton raised concerns about the number of members using collection buckets throughout the Christmas Festival.

He said: “On the broader issue as we organise the Christmas event, we are very concerned about the level of activity from the lions last year in the town.

“There were 14 people collecting money, the perception being that it was their event which it isn’t.”

It was suggested that the Lions are given a stall, free of charge, but would not then be able to use bucket collections about the town.

Cllr Winterton added: “Other charities came up to me last year and said if they can take lots of cans around the streets, we want to do the same and there is no end to that.”

No agreement was made to prevent the Lions from using collection buckets at the event. It was agreed to grant the Lions £200 following their application.

Following the meeting East Riding ward councillor Andy Strangeway posted on his blog and Facebook that ‘Pocklington Town Council have banned the Lions’.

At the full council meeting on Wednesday November 9, a letter from Richard Knill,president of Pocklington Lions, was read out regarding the complaints made by Cllr Strangeway on social media.

It said: “Please check your inaccurate facts regarding Pocklington Lions. We have not been banned as you describe it. We’re amid amicable arrangements regarding the Lions involvement of Pocklington Christmas Festival and have no issues concerning our relationship with Pocklington Town Council.”

Mayor of Pocklington, Cllr David Sykes said: “I believe a formal letter should be sent to Clr Strangeway demanding a full retraction from the inaccurate facts posted on Facebook regarding the Lions ban together with an apology in writing to the town council and to the Lions.”

It was then proposed and agreed to send a letter to Cllr Strangeway ‘demanding a full retraction’ and apology.