Construction work on A164

Construction of the A164 Humber Bridge to Beverley Route Improvement Scheme continue to progress swiftly in the Cottingham/Willerby area, at Skidby and along the A164 towards Beverley.

Pipe work, forming part of the scheme’s drainage system, is now substantially completed in the vicinity of Willerby (Ketch) roundabout and between the Willerby and sports centre roundabouts. Gully pots have been installed, kerbing works have commenced and excavation for the new footpath towards Willerby have also taken place. In addition, electricity, gas and telecommunication cable diversions have taken place at Willerby (Ketch) roundabout.

Street lighting has been installed along the new footpath/cycleway link between Castle Hill Road and Eppleworth Road, which is nearing completion, and drainage works are ongoing along the Eppleworth embankment to the north of Castle Hill roundabout All businesses along the route remain open.