Conservatives and Labour see upsurge in membership

Membership of the Conservative and Labour parties in East Yorkshire is on the up following May’s general and local elections.

Conservative branches throughout the area are reporting an increase in membership and many of the new recruits are from the younger age groups.

Business and community officer for the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association and Wolds Weighton Ward councillor, Mike Stathers, said almost 40 new members had joined the association since May, pushing membership over the 300 mark.

He added: “After a year or two when recruitment was pretty static, these figures show there is significant renewed interest in the party. The General Election result has certainly buoyed our supporters throughout East Yorkshire and we expect this very positive recruitment trend to continue throughout 2015.”

Labour’s West Wolds branch now has more than 90 members, which is 50% higher than 12 months 

This mirrors the increase in membership of the Labour party across East Yorkshire and nationally.

Some of the West Wolds branch’s new members are also young people. Fiona Bruce, chairman of the branch said: “This is really good news in the light of the disappointing election results and reflects the dismay that was felt by many people at the election of the 

“It is particularly heartening to see so many young people joining.”