Concert went well with a good-sized audience

A drive through Wakefield city centre had left a good impression.
A drive through Wakefield city centre had left a good impression.

Last Sunday I had been invited to talk at the spring lunch held by Friends of QUEGs, a really friendly, interesting group of former parents and others, whose lucky children have gone to the impressive Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield.

As usual I left earlier than necessary, just in case of any hold-up. On this occasion it was a good idea.

The exit that my satnav told me to take from the motorway was closed and I made a detour and came into the fine city of Wakefield from another direction.

I have been there before and remembered just how impressed I had been as I drove through the city centre.

I was even more impressed with the school buildings and upon arrival was warmly greeted.

The school was founded in the time of Elizabeth I, and has many facilities and fine records of achievement.

I had a delicious meal, in great and amusing company, and my talk seemed to go down well.

I was even presented with some ties for use in my patchwork projects. Now I know where some of the ties I already had originated and can identify the grammar school ties now.

There was a raffle and I chatted to so many fascinating people that I was almost sorry to go.

Their numbers have diminished recently but if anyone wanted a friendly group to go to this was it.

Once home I had time to let the dogs out, a quick change of outfit and got everything ready to head into All Saints Church here in Pocklington, for the concert, which went well in front of a pretty full audience.

I do love Stainer’s music and afterwards there were drinks and biscuits, and I took my turn with the washing up before getting home pretty tired.

The next day I was back down to almost the same area, and gave an afternoon talk at Morley Methodist Church, which is a fine building with many facilities.

Again, I arrived early, and had time to investigate at least 10 charity shops to be found in the town centre. I was warmly greeted and the talk went rather well and I drove home in the hopes of a quiet evening. Instead I took the dogs for a decent walk.

I went to an AGM on the Tuesday evening, and then gave a friend a lift to their home and arrived back about 10.30pm.

On the drive home there was a variety of wildlife in evidence, rabbits, I saw a fine fox crossing the road ahead of me and a few miles from home I watched a badger scurrying along the verge.

I also saw three owls just in the edges of the lights from my car.

The next day I sat with my poorly friend while his wife went off to the hairdressers, and after that I got home to take the dogs for a walk.

The previous week I had misjudged a clearance with my car and had broken the wing mirror, thankfully nothing else, but needed to get a new one.

This is easier said than done, as my car is far from new and a new part is horrendously expensive, but by going on to the internet I found a part and got it sent to me in time to take it to the garage on the Thursday morning.

When I rang to see if it was ready, they said it was, but one of the staff had been called over to Leeds, so I set off with two of my dogs – Looroll and Boo – to walk the four miles to the garage. The two dogs thought it was great fun, sniffing at every lamppost and investigating every smell and unusual thing.

We finally arrived and I picked up the car and paid the bill and then drove home and managed to grab a bite to eat before setting off for a Parochial Church Council meeting.

On Saturday I went to deliver a pair of socks I had knitted and discovered that the lady and I were both heading off to campaign for our cause in Market Weighton.

I was able to give her a lift and it was a success, but for one woman who objected to our walking on the pavement outside her grocery shop, was very rude.

I decided then that I was not going to buy anything from her shop before I left, as I had intended to do, so I went to the supermarket instead.