Concert review by Ian Gregory: Handel’s Messiah by The Pocklington Singers

Pocklington Singers performed at a packed All Saints Church.
Pocklington Singers performed at a packed All Saints Church.

The latest offering from the Pocklington Singers was very enthusiastically received by a packed audience at All Saints Church.

Attendees were treated to a pared down version of Handel’s great and highly popular Oratorio (pared down in that the performers were simply the organist and the choir).

People are so familiar with the full orchestra and massed choirs performing the piece that we forget that as originally conceived it was on a much smaller scale.

Robert Poyser on the organ provided a fine and most sympathetic accompaniment to the choir as it delivered, what by now we have come to expect, a performance of the highest quality.

The soloists all rose to the occasion and met the demands of their respective parts and the choir sang with great precision and more than did justice to the shades and light of the this always demanding piece.

The choir still seems to be getting better and better with the passing of time.

It is blessed with a core of singers who have been members over a fair period of time.

Their experience must be an invaluable asset to Michael Cooper as he conducts and directs them to such good effect.

What was impressive was the responsiveness of the choir to Michael Cooper’s conducting.

There was no untidiness in the ending of pieces and the singing was delightfully clean.

The overall effect was most pleasing.

The enthusiasm with which the audience greeted the performance was more than justified.

As ever, particular thanks to Michael Cooper for all that he does to provide our community with such high quality musical occasions.