Concerns over proposed green energy plant

Residents and councillors gathered at a meeting to discuss growing concerns about an anaerobic Digestion Plant near Holme on Spalding Moor.

An application, by Gascorp Holdings, for the plant at Park Farm, in Market Weighton Road, would process 52,000 tons of chicken litter and straw.

Concerns were linked to the location of the site, which is off a sharp bend, the increase in heavy goods vehicles, the visual impact as well as concerns over odour.

Resident Jayne Green, said: “I can’t see any way that the plant would benefit the town.”

Numerous objections have been submitted to the planning application, including Homle on Spalding Moor Parish Council.

The comment from the clerk, Steve Young, on behalf of the council reads:

“Holme on Spalding Moor Parish Council is totally opposed to this application and encourages the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to support residents in its fight against this application.”

The application is a reduced version of an original application for a 70,000 ton plant, last year, which was rejected.

But the green energy plant has many benefits, says Gascorp Holdings.

In a statement the applicant said:

“The proposed AD plant at Park Farm is one of hundreds of plants in development or planning at present throughout the UK with the intention of making a significant contribution to renewable energy, climate change, job creation and farm diversifi-

We have been asked to point out, and are happy to do so, that the plant will only be processing chicken litter and straw, not vegetable, fish, poultry waste and pet food by-products.