Comunity unites against developers

mw surgery plan
mw surgery plan

NEIGHBOURS have rallied round to oppose a development which they say will destroy their community.

Residents of Northgate Vale and Holme Road in Market Weighton say that the proposal to build 49 houses and a health centre on land behind their homes could lead to disastrous flooding and traffic-related problems.

They launched a petition on Saturday which has already attracted over 100 signatures opposing the development submitted by Lovel Developments of Beverley.

Holme Road resident Eric Wood is spearheading the campaign and he told the Pocklington Post that he has identified a number of legal flaws with the proposal.

These include the condition that the currently operational piggery on the land must be closed before development starts, and that pedestrian and cycle access is planned for land owned by the tennis club, against their wishes.

“We are not against the health centre,” said Mr Wood. “This is not us being priggish, but there are serious legal flaws in the proposals which I don’t think people are aware of.”

The main issue for Northgate Vale residents is that the main access to the health centre will be built off a cul-de-sac in the quiet residential street.

Concern has also been expressed over the impact on the wildlife using the land, which is said to include owls, kestrels and great crested newts in Skelfrey Beck.

Added to this is the fact that Northgate Vale has suffered from severe flooding three times in the last five years.

Matthew Rice, who has lived on the road all his life is particularly worried about the impact that so many cars using the narrow road will have on the community.

He said: “There are lots of children down here and they all play out in the cul-de-sac because it’s so safe.

“If 49 houses were to be built, then you’re looking at around 100 more cars, not to mention the amount of cars used by patients visiting the health centre.

“We estimate there could be up to 120 cars using this road on a daily basis, taking into account health centre staff and all the patients.

“That amount of traffic will be a disaster for the area and could be fatal for the children who live and play here.

“Dr Henderson spoke about there being ‘dire consequences’ for the town if the health centre isn’t built, well, what about the dire consequences for my child if it is built?”

The plans went on display on Tuesday at the existing Londesborough Road Surgery where the developers welcomed questions from the public.

Philip Lovel of Lovel Developments pointed out that the proposals were of a much smaller scale than the 325-house plan that was previously approved.

He said that an analysis of Northgate Vale showed that it has the capacity to serve the development.

Commenting on the launch of the petition opposing the scheme, Mr Lovel said: “People are quite entitled to have their say during the planning process.

“When you look at the number of people who would welcome delivery of a health centre that has been on the drawing board for such a long time and could now become a reality, it will outweigh the objectors.”

An open public meeting has been organised for 20 March at the Wesley Centre in Market Weighton where the plans will be discussed between residents, the developers and doctors.

The public has until 23 March to submit views on the scheme which will then go before East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s planning committee who will decide whether to approve the development.