Comedy agenda

ORGANISERS of a community music event for Driffield say they are determined it will appeal to everyone.

Twenty people attended a Driffield Events and Entertainment Committee meeting last week to discuss the way ahead for a community event in Driffield in 2013.

Councillors were delighted with the turn out from members of the public and local business owners.

Town Council clerk Claire Binnington said: “As yet no format, venue or date have been decided upon, other than the Committee want to deliver an event that will appeal to all, with a wide array of music and attractions - including comedy acts.

“The Committee are maintaining a flexible approach in the initial stages, and have discussed various concepts from one day events to spreading things over a number of days, in a number of venues.

Mrs Binnington said: “Any arrangements will revolve around the town centre and members of the committee are to gauge the views of the general public but particularly local businesses including the pubs as to how they feel they could get involved.”

Fundraising and the procurement of sponsorship will begin in earnest before Christmas when the date, venue and format have been agreed.

As previously reported, Driffield Town Council has agreed to bankroll a major music event to the tune of £15,000 - with the promise of another £10,000 if it is needed.

Coun Matt Rogers, chairman of the events and entertainment committee, said they would also seek outside sponsorship.

The committee would welcome any ideas and views, please contact the Town Clerk on 01377 254160 or email

The next meeting is Monday October 8 at 6pm at the Market Walk offices. Everyone welcome.