Column - Wolds Diary with Sue Woodcock

More spiders seem to be heading into our homes at this time of year.
More spiders seem to be heading into our homes at this time of year.

It was very hot at the start of the week and although a couple of my dogs like the heat the others do not so I have had to stagger their walks.

On one day I tackled some of the garden and quite forgot that maybe I should have put some sun block on.

The vast majority of my body is definitely not for public display so only arms, hands and face got a bit red and I know I lost some weight as I was pouring sweat.

I managed to offset dehydration by taking the right fluids and having a bit of salt.

By the next day I was back to normal.

On another day I was busy inside and suddenly missed my Staffie.

I called and called, panicked a bit, but she appeared as if by magic. I went to find where she had been, which had to be somewhere in the back garden.

It was then I discovered she had forced her way through a fence panel, into the beech hedge but had got no further.

I mended that rather quickly, and reinforced it.

On the Wednesday I had been invited to Barnby Dun WI just north of Doncaster.

I left in plenty of time as it is not an area I know and I always allow for getting lost, accidents or traffic jams.

It was a pleasant drive and having left the motorway I discovered that I was obviously in an old mining area as there were huge ex-spoil heaps by the road, now landscaped to be pleasant areas.

The village was quite large and had a very impressive parish hall, with great facilities for all sorts of recreation and play areas close by.

I had been directed to it by a very helpful scout who was working on something outside a library building.

The WI group was delightful, welcoming and great fun. I was given a bag of ties which was most kind.

We sang Jerusalem and after a bit of business, which I always find interesting I was asked to speak and they couldn’t have been a better audience.

Then the cakes arrived and they were the best I have had so far.

I was even given a couple of slices of the best coffee and walnut cake I have tried in a long time to bring home.

The evenings are drawing in and it was dark when I got home, but the dogs were still pleased to go out for a short toddle before we settled down for the night.

After the heat the weather changed and other parts of the country had rain in vast quantities. Not here in the East Riding, however. Yes, we had a bit of a downpour one morning but that was it.

It was on that morning I was off to give an afternoon talk at the village of Wiggington, just north of York. I have passed signs to it before but never had cause to investigate.

On the road approaching Wiggington I saw a sign for a creepy crawly centre.

I decided to investigate but found to my disappointment it was a children’s fun park not a place where I could admire insects, arachnids and the like.

I found the recreation centre at Wiggington and they were a great audience and fascinating to talk to after my talk had finished.

I got back in time to take the dogs for a short walk, and thankfully it was a bit cooler so it was more comfortable.

This is obviously the season for arachnids, and there have been more spiders running around my house and other places – such as the church meeting room – this year than I have ever seen before.

I don’t mind them and keep rescuing them and putting them outside.

I did notice that one of my dogs, Fair my collie, avoids them. I am not sure why.

I have been having a bit of a tidy up and found several lurking behind furniture.

On Saturday I went down to our cricket club.

The season is now over and because of grants we are having a new clubhouse and pavilion built, and the old one is coming down.

It needed to be cleared, of everything, before being demolished.

A small army of us assembled and there were countless trips to the local tip with old carpet, lino, rubbish and wood and I managed to get a lot of things like curtains back to my place before washing them and rehoming them.

A friend came and took an old settee away for me giving me a lot more room in the lounge.