Column – Tourism Times with Tim Norman

Tim Norman of the Royal Hotel, Bridlington.
Tim Norman of the Royal Hotel, Bridlington.

The year 2016 has proved to be a busy year not only for the tourism industry in Bridlington but for potentially the structure of the UK with the start of the process to leave the EU.

The redevelopment of the Leisure Centre in the town has provided a fantastic asset along with the Promenades shopping centre and the many and varied traditional amusement arcades for kids (big and small) Bridlington now has the chance to be able to really sell itself as a rain or shine resort.

The offering at the Bridlington Spa continues to grow year on year and with the new vibrant and multi-faceted new logo it is ready for the next generation.

Hopefully this will include new multi-day conferences as large Inn’s spring up around the town enabling the organisers of such events to be accommodated in the same location.

It is my hope that these multiday conferences will also provide additional bed nights for the other accommodation providers in the town which provide great quality and wonderful value Bed and Breakfast rooms.

The entry into the town has continued to evolve. Hilderthorpe Road and the Station Approach are now well under development and we look forward to seeing the highly attractive and pleasant entry in the town completed in 2017.

The end of April sees the return of the Tour de Yorkshire starting off its three-day journey in Bridlington once again from outside of the Spa.

With the route heading then out along Fortyfoot and Marton Road, past Old Town and then off to Driffield and beyond.

Two years ago at the inaugural race of the TdY Bridlington was mostly overlooked as the main TV stations didn’t know how well the race was going to be watched and supported.

How wrong they were!

In 2016, as will be the case in 2017, the entire race will be covered from start to finish and so I believe that in 2017 it is more important than ever that Bridlington puts on a magnificent show to show the cycling world that we can hold our own against the best in the world.

The show needs to be a special day for young and old alike and continue on after the race has left to keep the visitors in the town and shouting for more.

Also to come in 2017 – we have the return of the Bridlington Arts Festival and the great entertainment in Pembroke Gardens at the end of May.

This is the culmination of some great work from towns folk who will be working tirelessly so the show can go on.

Coupling this with is, of course, the Vintage weekend at The Bridlington Spa.

So all that is left for me to say is to wish all of my readers a wonderful, prosperous and peaceful new year.