Column - Pocklington Police

Sgt Ryan Reed and PCSO Mike Simpson.
Sgt Ryan Reed and PCSO Mike Simpson.

Throughout June, we are to continue our High Visibility patrols of the Pocklington Town Centre area to deter potential anti-social behaviour.

These patrols include regular checks on peripheral areas at Pocklington Infants’ School, Maxwell Road (periodic reports of criminal damage and youths causing annoyance), All Saints Church (periodic reports of anti-social behaviour on an evening) and town car parks (reports of low level anti-social behaviour).

Criminal offenders will be challenged robustly, arrested or reported for summons. Penalty Notices for Disorder or warning letters may be used in appropriate cases however, those who offend should expect to be arrested and dealt with if their anti social behaviour amounts to criminal offending. The exercise of discretion should not be expected.

Officers will continue patrols in Stamford Bridge and the Viking Road car park. Anyone caught engaging in anti-social behaviour will be dealt with under the FAIRWAY process jointly with East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

It is unlikely that any discretion will be shown.

Also drivers using their cars to cause alarm or distress will be considered for warnings and possible seizure of their vehicles under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.

Officers will also continue patrols in the areas of Scaife Garth and Sherbuttgate due to reports of low level anti-social behaviour.

Anyone caught engaging in such activities will be dealt with jointly with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


PCSO Gareth Ludlow will be patrolling around Wilberfoss on the following dates: 11 June, 24 July and 27 August.

PCSO Gareth Ludlow will be patrolling around Barmby Moor on the following dates: 24 July and 28 August

PCSO Mike Simpson will be at Pocklington Library to discuss community issues and offer crime prevention advice between 2pm and 4pm on Tuesday 14 June.

crimes in your area

l Two secure BMW cars were stolen from the Broadmanor area of Pocklington – one was later discovered near Shiptonthorpe.

l The locks of two BMW cars in Pocklington were damaged as a result of someone trying to break in.

l An insecure cycle was stolen from the rear of the Feathers Hotel car park.

l A Ford convertible car parked on the road in Pocklington had its roof slashed.

l A rear driver’s side wheel arch of a car was damaged as a result of someone kicking at it while the car was stationary at a zebra crossing in Pocklington.

l Two vehicles in Pocklington were scratched causing damage to the paintwork.

l A van parked outside a property in Barmby Moor was damaged.