Column - Knight’s Days with Sir Greg Knight MP

Please use your vote in the European referendum.
Please use your vote in the European referendum.

As the date of the European Union referendum is finally upon us, more and more people have decided which way they are going to vote.

I encountered a man last week who surprised me when he said he was going to vote ‘for the status quo’.

However, there is no such choice in this election.

Britain, as a country, either votes to leave or to remain but in either case, there will be change.

The Eurozone countries will move at an increased pace towards a single European state.

It is only by coming closer in this way that they will be able to sustain the Euro as a credible currency.

If they want the Euro, they need to do this but the UK should not be pushed into joining them. Voting to remain means being part of a club which is seeking ever-closer union.

This means more and more of the decisions which affect every one of us will be taken not at Beverley or Westminster, but in Europe, presided over by unelected officials.

If we vote to leave we will be taking back powers over fishing, agriculture, immigration and trade,

So, changes will occur whichever way the country votes but isn’t it better that we ourselves decide what those changes should be?

One worry which has not been mentioned by those who want to stay in the EU is the state of the banks in Italy.

Italy’s entire banking sector is looking fragile.

The reason this matters is that if we vote to remain, our own resources could well be used to help bail out these banks, whether we like it or not.

This is just one more reason why the UK needs to leave the EU – to regain control not only of our own borders, but also of our own resources.

Whether you agree with me or not, the decision made today (Thursday 23 June) will determine the future direction of our country for generations, so please, DO use your vote.