Column - Inside Driffield School

Daisy, Tom, Izzie and Jack ' they went through a rigorous selection process to get the important roles.
Daisy, Tom, Izzie and Jack ' they went through a rigorous selection process to get the important roles.

This week Driffield School and Sixth Form made their most exciting appointments of the year.

These were for the positions of Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl.

This enables the school to move forwards on its plans to develop a new Prefect and Student Voice system that ensures that the opinions and views of the students in our school community are central to all that we do.

The candidates went through a rigorous selection process; completing a formal letter of application, delivering a speech to their peers and attending a formal interview.

The students and then staff voted for their preferred candidate for each post and all elements of the procedure were considered before a final decision was made. I’ll let the students introduce themselves!

“Hi, I’m Daisy and I am thrilled to be elected as Head Girl. I’m looking forward to bringing a positive change in the school and Sixth Form and am ready to fulfil the role with dedication and enthusiasm.”

“I’m Tom and I am honoured to serve this coming year as the Head Boy.

“The school, Sixth Form and its pupils have so much potential and I look forward to helping us realise excellence together.”

“Hi, I am Izzie and I am really glad to be Deputy Head Girl. I’m very excited to begin my contribution to the school and Sixth Form.”

“Hello, I’m Jack. I am very pleased to have been elected as Deputy Head Boy.

“I look forward to the responsibility of the role and having a positive impact on the school.”

Our aim is that you will get to meet these outstanding individuals throughout the next year, as they will be in attendance at our open evenings, parent’s nights and other school events, developing their own leadership and communication skills.

In this way they can help to be vital links in developing further the positive relationships that exist between the school, parents, students and the wider community.

In addition these students will lead the new “Student Union” that will oversee a range of activities, from organising events to enrich all students time in the school, to liaising with governors and members of the public.

Most importantly these students will oversee the implementation of our new “Student Voice” procedure, with each House electing House Captains and Prefects from Years 7-11 to act as a link between the students and staff. In this way we can ensure that all student’s views, concerns and ideas are heard and fed forward to staff.

Additionally any changes that occur as a result of the ideas of the students can also be effectively fed back to them so they can see the difference they are making in their own schooling.

In this way we hope to empower the voice and actions of our students so that they feel a real ownership and pride in the direction the school and Sixth Form is moving.

We are very proud of all our students and know that they have tremendous capabilities and potential.

We are determined to help them realise this and know that our new Student Union will help this to become a reality.