Coffee shop is a godsend

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A DROP-IN coffee shop set up for a village community is proving a godsend after defying the credit crunch to become a success.

Tucked away in Holme-on-Spalding Moor, the Holme Christian Fellowship-run enterprise was launched two years ago to give locals a place to meet and provide a hub for activities.

Run as a not-for-profit business, they hold Monday art clubs, junior after-school clubs, monthly quiz nights, and even a free financial service - with trained members of the fellowship giving confidential advice to those struggling to pay their bills.

Others simply drop in for a coffee, a chat with friends or to use the internet computers - with prices kept to a minimum thanks to the project being run by voluntary workers.

However, being launched at the start of the recession, some gave it little hope of surviving, let alone flourishing.

Volunteer and Holme Christian Fellowship member Karl Sheridan explained: “We opened up on what became known as Black Tuesday when everything seemed to go financially pear-shaped! A lot of people turned round and said they did not how we would make enough to stay open.

“Robert Templey (Holme Christian Fellowship pastor) had a thought for a long time that the village needed somewhere for people to meet and relax, without the pressure of drinking up and getting out as quickly as possible.

“But we need just enough profit with what we sell just to break even, and more and more people are finding it. Some people in the village do not even know it’s there, but the number of people we get has steadily grown.

“People have these preconceived ideas that it’s religious, but it’s not like that at all, it’s just a friendly place for people to meet.”

The venue, which is on The Village Courtyard just behind the Wall of Sound shop on High Street is open six days a week until 1.30pm but new volunteers are being sought to increase opening ours.

For more information, people are being asked to drop in to the shop or contact Robert Templey on (01430) 860997.