Club Smith deliver a knock-out video

A LOCAL band have proved that they can pack a punch, having filmed a professional video for their latest single.

Club Smith, who hail from Bishop Wilton, released their double A single, “No Friend of Mine/Young Defeatists” on Monday and, to help promote it, a boxing video made with the help of Danny North and Tim Blackwell, photographers for music magazine, NME.

It shows lead singer Sam Robson taking to the ring and, ultimately, being knocked out.

It is shot from the perspective of his opponent, bass player Lee Clark, who wore a head camera for the three-minute video.

But it was not simply a case of turning up to make their boxing debut, the lads spent three months training five days a week at York Boxing Club in an effort to get in shape and learn some ring craft.

Lee said: “It was three months of pain, basically. It really made you realise just how fit boxers are and the huge amount of skill and mental concentration you have to put in.

But it was worth it and both of us have continued going afterwards, it’s pretty addictive.

“It is literally the hardest physical thing I think we have had to do - Sam lost a stone and a half.

“But it was great fun and I think it made a good vid. Hopefully it will catch on and help us promote the single.”

The four-piece, who were formerly known as The Hair, have just returned from a tour with Leeds-based platinum-selling band, The Pigeon Detectives.

However, to mark the release of their latest single, Club Smith will be playing at York City Screen tomorrow, Friday, 10 June at 8pm.

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