Church Column with Rev David Everett

Rev David Everett.
Rev David Everett.

You’re a saint! Even though my grandmother has been dead for many years now I do remember her saying these words.

While we lived a long way away from her in my childhood years she did come and stay with us after my wife and I were married.

Market Weighton All Saints Church.

Market Weighton All Saints Church.

Whatever you did for her she was always very grateful for and used to thank you for what you had done by saying “You’re a saint!”

Nowadays most people think of saints as those people who over the centuries have been made saints by the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church.

Probably the best known people to have been made saints by Pope Francis are Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paul II although he has created 36 new saints in the 3½ years he has been Pope!

I prefer the understanding of saints to be all those people who have heard God’s call and seek to live their lives as God wants them to. The Apostle Paul speaks of the saints in this way too.

At the beginning of his Letter to the Church in Rome he says: “To all God’s beloved in Rome, who are called to be saints” and in others of his letters he uses the words, “To the saints in Ephesus” or “To the saints in Christ Jesus”.

He is clearly referring to all those who have heard God’s word and are seeking to live their lives as disciples of Jesus.

There are many saints in our world and our local communities today, too! And recently we celebrated All Saints Day when we remember all the saints from every generation. All three of our Churches in this Parish are dedicated to All Saints (All Hallows means the same thing).

You, too, can celebrate All Saints by remembering those who have through their faith in God helped you on your journey through life.

They may have been there for you when you really needed them or they may have told that God’s love you and shown that love through their lives. Do take time to thank God for them and for all they have done for you.