Church column with Pastor Alex Appiah

Pastor Alex Appiah.
Pastor Alex Appiah.

After love, I believe freedom is the next and most sort for virtue in life.

We all crave for freedom from rules, regulations and oppression.

No matter our economic or social conditions, every human being wants to live freely.

This innate desire is what makes people in spite of good economic provision reject totalitarian and autocratic regimes, whenever the opportunity arises.

This is what led to the fall of communist Soviet Union, ushered reforms across the eastern bloc, China and the Arab world in the recent years. Nations were built on the pursuit and defence of freedom.

For example Uncle Sam, the USA is proudly called “the land of the free” and Ghana, a former colony of Britain’s national anthem says “God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong, Bold to defend the cause of freedom and of right...Help us to resist oppressors rule...”

Everyone wants to be free!

The rock band Steppenwolf’s famous song “Born to be Wild” connotes the idea of freedom, adventure and that we can do whatever we want in life and live without limits.

However, the question is: What does it mean to be born to be free?

Freedom is defined as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved”.

Freedom is an inalienable right of every human being to live freely.

There are things that can impinge on our freedoms, and I dare to say there are limits and consequences to our freedom, which we have to be aware of.

The good book, the Bible has a lot to say about freedom.

Its central message is about God’s desire and provision to allow every human being to live in freedom, make good choices and not allow ourselves to be entangled by oppression, spiritual bondage, disempowerment, barriers to opportunities, enslavement and legalism.

The Bible categorically say that Christ came to set the captives free and that everyone who believe in Him is free (John 8:36).

I can therefore confidently say that any form of creed or religion, which infringes on the individual’s freedom to make informed choices and decisions for the common good must be rejected!

However, some questions need to be explored carefully with the whole idea of freedom. What does it mean to be free? Can we be totally free in life? What is the single most important factor that is linked to the notion of freedom? Are there boundaries or limits to an individual’s freedom?

Where do laws and rules come into the equation of freedom? How can you obtain freedom?

Can there be real freedom without the willingness to sacrifice somethings? What kind of things do you need to be freed from?

How can an individual maintain his or her freedoms and as a society, protect the freedoms we enjoy?

If our goal in life is to pursue individual freedom, then is there something like community or society?

Does freedom comes with responsibilities of some kind, shape or form?

I would like us to discuss these important questions depth in my subsequent articles. Why don’t you write, email me or share your thoughts and ideas on these issues.

Until then carefully consider your ‘supposed’ freedoms and asked yourself: am I really free?

If not, ask yourself what can I do to be free? Who can you look up to as a model for true freedom? It’s my humble prayer that you get know and experience the peace and true freedom, which comes from Jesus Christ the Saviour of the whole world and the true Prince of Peace!

You have some choices to make, if you want to experience a life of freedom and peace. Remain blessed and pursue peace!