Children hand Ypres message to British Legion

British Legion members Kevin Warcup and Mark Abel with the junior school children.
British Legion members Kevin Warcup and Mark Abel with the junior school children.

Pocklington Community Junior School has handed over their message which will be taken to the Menin Gate.

The note will be delivered to Ypres by Kevin Warcup, the Wreath Bearer, and Mark Abel, Standard Bearer, of the Royal British Legion Pocklington Branch.

The school's message.

The school's message.

Deputy head Sarah Carlisle, the school council, and the children of the school said they felt very privileged to have been asked to be part of the Great Pilgrimage 90.

Mrs Carlisle went on to say that the school had held an assembly with all the children in the school to talk about the Pilgrimage and what this meant to them.

The school said: “The children who helped write the message were very keen to convey how much respect they have and how hearing about the soldiers and the challenges of that time has really made them think about our key school values – respect, confidence, aspiration, honesty, independence and hard working.

“We are always very keen for our children to play a big part in our local community and this has been such an honour for our children.”

Mr Warcup said that he was very pleased and impressed by the pupils of the school and how they had applied themselves whilst thinking about and writing this special Remembrance Message.

He added he had been on many parades around the world while in the army, including parading at the Cenotaph in London and that this would be one of the most memorable parades he had taken part in.

He added it would be a privilege to represent the town.