Charity sounds out volunteers

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A DOG charity in Bielby is calling on volunteers to offer a helping hand.

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf trains pooches to help those with impaired hearing, but support staff is required to keep the centre ticking over- including drivers to take dogs to the vets and collect from recipients, and housekeepers to help prepare the dogs’ accommodation.

Admin volunteer for the home, Jim Laird, said: “Like many charities we rely heavily on our willing volunteers who freely give their time performing a wide range of duties.

“At our training centre in Bielby we need volunteer drivers and housekeepers.

“If you can spare a few hours a week on a regular basis, enjoy meeting people, driving small vans or doing a spot of light dusting then please get in touch.”

The northern training centre in Bielby was opened in 2009, although Hearing Dogs was founded in 1982.

Hearing dogs alert their deaf partners to everyday sounds that most people take for granted such as the alarm clock, doorbell, a baby crying and smoke alarm.

However, they also provide greater independence, confidence and security to their deaf partner, enabling them to live life more fully.

Since its inception, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People has placed more than 1,500 hearing dogs.

Anyone interested in volunteering is being asked to call Lucy on (01759) 322258 or email:

Volunteer drivers need to be a minimum of 18, hold a full UK driving licence and will be required to undertake a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure check.