Charity appeals for help re-homing its animals

'Candy' and 'Floss' (Animal rescue NPOC ROG31103).
'Candy' and 'Floss' (Animal rescue NPOC ROG31103).

An animal charity is desperately seeking new homes for cats and dogs at its shelter in South Cave.

Hull Animal Welfare Trust’s Sunnydene Shelter is full with cats and dogs who have been rescued and need re-homing.

The trust, which has been running for more than 30 years, rescues and re-homes about 1,000 animals every year.

Amy Bryan, manager of the trust, said: “The cat situation is very bad. Every year we have to take litters of kittens because people are not neutering cats. The cat is situation is ridiculous.

“We have cats in crates because the cattery is too full. But it’s better than them being on the streets.

“We are very full with dogs. We still feel the problems from the recession. People who can’t afford to feed their animals are bringing them to us.”
The trust also rescues rabbits, guinea pigs and some small animals like rats and mice.

Currently, it is looking after about 85 cats, 35 dogs, 30 rabbits and 15 guinea pigs.

Miss Bryan added: “We rely on volunteers to help the shelter. We rely totally on public donations, we get no government funding at all.”

If you are interested in adopting an animal from the trust, call 01430 423986.

For more information on adopting an animal or making a donation to the charity, visit