Changes to legislation for tying the knot

The notice period for couples wishing to marry or form a civil partnership has changed.

Couples will now be required to give 28 days’ notice, an increase from the previous 15 days notice.

The changes, which are part of the Immigration Act 2014, will ensure the Home Office has move time to identify and investigate suspected sham marriages and civil partnerships.

Couples who have been given notice of a marriage or civil partnership before 2 March, will not be affected by the changes.

Patricia Mann, MBE, superintendent registrar at East Riding Council, said: “Couples should arrange to give notice of marriage or civil partnership as soon as possible after arranging their ceremony date and venue in order that the authorities for marriage can be issued well in advance.

“Notices may be given up to one year before the ceremony date.”

Further information about the changes is available by going to