Campaign to cut biker tragedies

police biker campaign
police biker campaign

POLICE are launching their annual crackdown on anti-social riding on our region’s roads.

Over the last few years, police and road safety groups have been working together to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured on Yorkshire’s roads, but provisional casualty figures for 2011 show that 26 bikers died and 462 were seriously injured in accidents.

Yorkshire attracts motorcyclists from around the country who can experience some of the best riding routes available, but the region has seen a significant number of biker deaths and casualties year after year, despite widespread publicity around the consequences of irresponsible riding and driving.

Roadside education and enforcement operations will continue to underpin this year’s campaign with the aim of reducing rider casualties and improving biking behaviour. This will be complemented with BikeSafe workshop sessions being run across the region along with rider information sessions throughout the summer season.

The 95 Alive Partnership has launched a new online film to complement the routes booklet it produced last year to help riders plan their riding routes in North Yorkshire.

The partnership will also continue to target drivers through their Someone’s Son campaign which aims to raise awareness with drivers by asking them to look out for bikers.

The campaign acknowledges that the majority of crashes involve more than one vehicle.

Humberside Police Deputy Chief Constable David Griffin, who is also police national lead for motorcycling, said: “We urge riders in our region to help by riding in a safe and legal manner.

“We have some great riding routes to share and would like you to ride home safely to your family each and every time.”

He continued: “We will not tolerate anti-social riding and the region’s police are working together with road safety partnerships to eradicate this problem.

“This small minority will be caught and may be diverted to education courses, where possible.

“However, extreme riding is unacceptable; we will prosecute and dangerous riders will be targeted by officers from all forces across all borders.”