Camera clampdown launched by police

Police hand out pictures of new mobile camera expected to hit the streets of North Yorkshire soon.
Police hand out pictures of new mobile camera expected to hit the streets of North Yorkshire soon.

Police in North Yorkshire are ramping up their casualty reduction drive with the launch of a six-month mobile safety camera pilot, which will include targeting the roads around Elvington.

With the backing of the “95 Alive” York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership, the force will operate the cameras from within a highly visible police van to enforce the speed limits on routes with a history of serious and fatal collisions, or where speed has been a identified as a problem.

There will be a particular emphasis on the problem of dangerous motorcycle riders, with the intention of making a significant impact on a major casualty problem in the county.

The camera technology used within the van can detect the speed of approaching and receding traffic from up to 1,000 metres away and captures 360 degree images of the location. The device is particularly effective at detecting motorcycles and produces high-quality images of vehicles and the riders or drivers.

The camera can also detect mobile phone and seatbelt offences.

A demonstration of the equipment was given at Elvington Airfield last week in preparation for the speed blitz. North Yorkshire Police is last of the 43 forces in England and Wales to use the system.

Tim Madgwick, temporary Deputy Chief Constable, who is also the chair of the “95 Alive” partnership, said: “The decision by North Yorkshire Police to introduce the safety cameras in the area is first and foremost about reducing deaths and serious injury on our roads.

“There has been much criticism of safety cameras over the years. However, my message to those who are against them is: Stop and think about the 36 people who have been killed on our roads over the last three years because of excessive or inappropriate speed. Not to mention the hundreds who have been injured.

“It is a fact that speed kills, no ifs or buts about it, and we are determined to reduce the casualty toll on our roads.

“The simple advice is – don’t speed, you will not be caught and our roads will be safer.”

Launched last Friday, the B1228 road between Grimston Bar and Elvington was one of a number of location targeted over the weekend.