Calls for crossing after 'horrible' near miss

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

A concerned mum is calling for a safer crossing following a horrifying near miss when her three-year-old daughter was “clipped” by a car.

Eleanor McLaughlin, of Barmby Road, was walking to school this morning (Friday October 7) hand in hand with her daughter Charlotte when she went to cross London Street.

With cars parked on yellow lines she struggled to see if there was oncoming traffic over the top of the vehicles.

A bus had stopped on her left so Mrs McLaughlin stepped out to peer around the car to check traffic in the opposite direction.

“My daughter just came up next to me and kept going into the road,” said the mum-of-two. “I had a hold of her hand and I pulled her back and obviously it was a close enough call that I was pretty upset about it.”

The car had clipped Charlotte’s hand and foot but thankfully she was uninjured.

“There was a lot of people around and everybody stopped and the driver stopped to check we were all OK,” said Mrs McLaughlin.

“Everybody has a story to tell about the crossing, they have either seen or had a near miss themselves.

“The problem is you have to get on to the road to see if it’s safe to cross which is ridiculous.”

Concerns have since been raised on social media following the accident with more parents and residents calling for change.

Mrs McLaughlin, 33, said she sympathises with the people who live on the street who should be able to park there.

But something should be done to make it safer to cross and a cars should not be parked on the yellow lines.

“It was a horrible moment,” said Eleanor.
“What will it take before something is done about it? We should not have to wait until someone has an serious accident.”

Mayor of Pocklington Cllr David Sykes said: “The town council has been aware of safety issues on London Street and we have asked the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to address the dangers and provide a safe crossing for children from the two schools in the area.

“Drivers should be made aware of children crossing London Street. Parked cars obscure oncoming vehicles and children’s lives are at risk.

“The East Riding of Yorkshire Council are unable to fill the position of school crossing supervisor (lollipop person) due to lack of applications.

“This latest dangerous incident reported to the town council by Mrs Eleanor McLaughlinoutlines and emphasises the need for action and the town council will give full backing to Mrs Mclaughlin’s campaign for a safe crossing in London Street.”

Cllr David Sykes has arranged to meet Mrs Mclaughlin on Monday to discuss the issue further.