Call for funding for flood protection

East Riding Councillor Symon Fraser has written to Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart asking him to take a lead with his colleague MPs to work to secure the funding to implement future flood protection measures for the Humber Estuary communities.

Coun Fraser, the council’s portfolio holder for environment, housing and planning, said the flooding threat to the four hundred thousand people who live and work near to the Humber Estuary is well understood.

He said the Environment Agency has done detailed modelling of the flood risk areas and has a good understanding of how the issue needs to be tackled, but currently, the funding for the works is uncertain and incomplete and the Environment Agency is not able to provide the protection for thousands of houses in the East Riding from future flooding.

Coun Fraser said: “Graham has successfully provided a lead in other matters where Government finances were involved. The recent announcement from the Coalition Government of a £30 billion boost to infrastructure spending may be just the opportunity we need to see these vital works become a reality.

“We very much look to our MPs to take a lead with Defra and the Treasury in finding the funding for these vital works.”

He went on: “It was only last week I was at a meeting where the Environment Agency was beginning to explore how they might load the cost of flood protection on to Council Tax Payers across the authorities which adjoin the estuary.

“This is completely unacceptable and is going to cause massive frictions across the region. It is totally wrong that Council Tax Payers should suffer simply by virtue of the contour that their property lies on.

“It is completely wrong that the people who live near the coast should be held responsible for paying for the effects of sea level rises which are caused by global influences.

“The problems of flooding do not relate to just the immediate communities of the estuary, they are a national issue and they deserve national answers.”