Call for action to avert a tragedy

Steve - Burnby lane
Steve - Burnby lane

BURNBY Lane residents are calling for action against speeding cars after a vehicle flipped over and ended up on its roof along their road.

Luckily the driver of the four-wheel-drive escaped unharmed from the crash last week, but his vehicle had partly mounted the pavement so could have proved deadly for pedestrians.

This hit home with resident Steven Brookes - a father of two young children, outside whose house the vehicle landed.

He said: “When I looked out of the window I could just see four wheels sticking up over the hedgerow.

“Then when we got outside I realised the car was partly on the pavement and that’s when it hit me how serious this could have been.

“I often take the kids to the Francis Scaife Leisure Centre and they’ll be excited and run out on to the pavement, not the road, but the way this car was on the pavement it would have hit them.

“If it had happened at a different time it could have been a tragedy.

“It’s not a big leap of the imagination to think that there could have been someone walking on the pavement at that time, or one of my own children.”

Steve, who has lived on Burnby Lane for over six years, said that the problem of congestion and speeding cars has got worse over the last two years and that there were a lot of ‘near misses’ as cars came round the bend too fast.

He said that there were often cars lining the streets during rugby matches and other drivers parking up to use the dentist and he worried that the situation could worsen once car parking charges come into effect in Pocklington.

“I can see that more cars will use the street to park for free, making it even more congested,” he said.

“I love living here, and I’m not complaining, but I would like to see some traffic calming measures introduced, such as the flashing ‘slow down’ signs to remind people to watch their speed.

“I think people often don’t realise they’re speeding and the flashing signs can just jolt them into slowing down. There are a lot of families with young children living on this street and I think we’d all appreciate something to warn drivers to slow down.”

His views are echoed by neighbour Angus O’Donnell who said there was a problem with ‘boy racers’ speeding as they approach from the country lane at 60mph into the 30mph residential street.

“There are fast cars but it is usually young people. I hate to label them, but that seems to be a fact,” he said.

“I do quite like the idea of yellow lines in certain areas and I do think the flashing signs can be very effective.”

Mr O’Donnell also expressed concern that the closure of an entranceway to Primrose Wood now forced many local dog walkers to walk along part of Burnby Lane which does not have a pavement.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said that Burnby Lane was included in the authority’s last review of speed limits, which ended last March, and that officers had found no reason to change the limit.

He said that concerned residents should contact their ward councillor to start the process of seeing whether the council’s highways team could investigate again as to whether any traffic calming measures were needed along the road.