Bye bye Bertie

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‘Bigger Bertie’ the world’s largest rocking horse from Fangfoss will go under the hammer at Christie’s in London today.

Iconic Bertie, designed by Anthony Dew from the Rocking Horse Shop in Fangfoss, has been the larger then life crowd-pleaser at the popular Fangfest event for the last three years.

The massive hand built wooden horse is 8.6m high x 4.65m long and is made from laminated marine plywood with a varnished finish.

Bertie was started in October 2011 when The Rocking Horse Shop was selected to inspire an international audience to ‘Have a Go’ at a new skill, rocking horse carving, at WorldSkills, London 2011.

Tony Dew, director and designer of the huge rocking horse said “I have been involved with rocking horses for over 35 years , but this is the biggest we’ve undertaken. It is considerably larger than life size and as far as we know is the largest hand carved, working rocking horse in the world.”

Managing director Jane Cook added: “We are very excited to see our big rocking horse being sold at Christie’s, The horse was delivered to Christie’s of London in June and they arranged for a permit to have him parked outside Christie’s for a morning and he certainly made heads turn.”