Keeping up the fight

Ellen - Tiger's takeaway. Market weighton
Ellen - Tiger's takeaway. Market weighton

TAKEAWAY owner Ellen Van-der-Kroon is continuing her fight to keep a sign that has won the support of her local community.

Ellen, who owns Tiger’s Takeaway on York Road in Market Weighton, has been told that her shop sign breaches council planning regulations, but Ellen has collected over 350 signatures from local residents and visitors who have no objection to it.

In a recent meeting with a council planning inspector, Ellen was told that the only way to keep her sign would be to move it below the windowsill of the external wall and ensure that no part of it is bigger than 0.75m.

Ellen describes the council’s reasoning as ‘mad’.

“It makes no sense to me,” she said.

“Basically if I moved the sign lower down the wall, cut the tiger in half but left a millimetre gap between its two parts, then the sign would be ok for them.

“They also said it would be better on a board, but to me a big board would look very ugly.

“It’s all just a bit mad,” added Ellen, who is going to appeal East Riding Council’s decision to refuse retrospective planning permission for the tiger sign.

Ellen also launched a petition which has attracted 290 signatures in support of the sign - many from neighbouring businesses and households - and an e-petition set up last week attracted a further 80 signatures in its first day.

Ellen said: “Some interesting things have been written on the petition, particularly questioning why the ‘big boys’ get away with putting huge signs up in conservation areas, yet I’m being told mine isn’t acceptable.

“If I lose my appeal then I will make the changes rather than lose the sign altogether, but I hope to win as much support as I can so that the tiger will be allowed to stay.”

Ellen now has seven weeks to lodge her appeal, after which a planning inspector will once again visit the site and make a judgment.