In support of apprenticeship week

jane evison
jane evison

Pictured here is Stephanie McIver, business administration apprentice at Power Health, with East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Jane Evison, cabinet portfolio holder for economy, investment and inequalities at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Coun Jane Evison, who represents the East Wolds and Coastal ward, visited the company to celebrate National Apprentice Week.

Power Health produces a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and botanical supplements, sports nutrition and natural hair and skincare products from its site in Pocklington.

Power Health recently appointed its first apprentice. The plan is to trial an apprenticeship placement before considering expanding into other areas of the business, with 17-year-old, Stephanie McIver, appointed to the business administration apprentice role.

When Stephanie left school at 16 she didn’t really know what she wanted to do. She didn’t want to go on to study A-Levels as she didn’t feel that she was particularly academic. She enrolled at college to study a BTEC level 3 in travel and tourism and it was there that she found out about apprenticeships. After a year at college she decided that this wasn’t going to lead to her dream job and decided to look more seriously at apprenticeships.

Vicky McIver, owner at Power Health, said: “Councillor Evison’s visit was a great success. We introduced her to the business and took her on a short factory tour where she worked on the shop floor. She also shadowed Stephanie in all her duties.”

Councillor Evison enjoyed her visit to Power Health and praised the company for its support of apprenticeships.

She said: “It was a real pleasure to meet Vicky and Stephanie and to find out more about this East Riding business success story and to learn about Stephanie’s role and responsibilities within the organisation.

“It was good to get stuck in and have a go at some of the jobs myself and it really does help you appreciate just how important apprenticeships are for individuals, businesses and for the local economy.

“I would like to wish both Stephanie and Power Health all the best for the future as they and the council work towards the common goal of a strong and prosperous economy in the East Riding.”

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