From Watton to Bishop Wilton

steve woodhouse
steve woodhouse

Pupils and staff at Bishop Wilton CE Primary School will start their summer term with a new leader.

Steve Woodhouse joins the school as their Executive Headteacher. The school’s Governing Body has made the decision to collaborate with the Beswick and Middleton Federation of Schools after several months of careful consideration.

Many East Riding schools already operate within collaborative or federated models and Bishop Wilton’s Chair of Governors, Dr Charlotte Bates, sees the move as a massive step forward.

She said: “The education system is changing rapidly and the leadership of schools is part of that dynamic shift. The traditional one Headteacher, one school model is no longer a viable or preferred option and alternative models are undoubtedly the way forward. We are in the fortunate position of being able to make the decision ourselves, changing without being forced to.’

Mr Woodhouse, whose first Headship was at neighbouring Sutton upon Derwent Primary School, is excited by the new collaboration’s potential. “In the current financial climate small schools need as much support as possible,” he said. “However, collaboration is not just about money. Teaching staff across the schools will be able to support each other and raise standards for all of the children. We can resource educational visits, plan sporting events and create opportunities that isolated schools simply cannot provide on their own.’

The schools’ first collaborative activity will be the teacher training day on April 8. Staff will come together to work on ‘Talk for Writing’, an initiative to raise children’s writing standards. “As a collaboration we can afford to bring in the very best practitioners to work with us,” said Mr Woodhouse.