Entrepreneur Russell Webster launches audio book company

Entrepreneur Russell Webster has launched an exciting new venture - an audio book company

The audio book market is doubling every two years and is currently estimated to be a one billion dollar a year industry. Growth predictions are exceptional.

Russell Webster

Russell Webster

Mr Webster, of Driffield, East Yorkshire, said: “I believe that the real opportunity is to develop our own range of `short form’ products and aim at certain keys niches.

“Most audio books tend to be unabridged and can last up to 30 hours of listening.

“Where this may suit a specific audience, it puts other people off.

“Our concept is to specialise in talking books that last from 45 minutes to an hour and a half and suit a specific event, such as going to the gym, train/plane journeys, car journeys and so forth.

“Targeting families on car journeys will be a key niche within the niche,” he explained.

“To that end we already have our first title in the Family Fun Series called Travel Trivia (available now as a preview and full download right now).

“There is endless potential for new titles,”said Mr Webster.

“In development and quite quick and easy to produce is another series called Brainy Bits. This will follow the National Curriculum at all Key Stages and all subjects. Again, endless volumes can be produced. The big key with these audios is that the whole family can take part.”

Web link: www.webstersaudio.com