Business awareness week in EY

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Running a business can be unpredictable and no-one knows what is around the next corner.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council works closely with a number of partner organisations to ensure it is ready to respond in an emergency situation and is encouraging businesses to take the same approach.

Emergencies can take various forms, from buildings being destroyed by fire to the flooding experienced in December 2013, when homes and business properties were affected.

In any such situation, business continuity is vital. Business continuity is about having common sense precautions in place to help survive a disruption and recover afterwards.

Some of the key benefits that business continuity can bring include:-

* having arrangements in place for the businesses to fulfil its obligations in a crisis.

* Reassuring customers and suppliers about the resilience of the business

* Providing assurance and protection to staff

* Increasing the company’s reputation

* Making savings on insurance premiums.

From Monday 17 March to Friday 21 March it is Business Continuity Awareness Week and the Business Continuity Institute is making resources freely available on its website to help businesses begin their planning.

Councillor Chris Matthews, the council’s cabinet portfolio holder for infrastructure, highways and emergency planning, said: “Your business could fail because of something that’s not your fault or that you can’t control. Every business, big or small, needs some level of business continuity planning.

“Business continuity during emergency situations is not only good practice for the business helping them to minimise disruption and potential adverse effects, it also helps the communities they serve.

“Maintaining access to services is crucial for residents during an emergency situation and also aids in the recovery process afterwards.

“I would strongly urge businesses to put appropriate precautions in place and, with support and guidance available, there has never been a better time than Business Continuity Awareness Week.”

For information and lots of other resources available from the Business Continuity Institute, visit or