Bus lands in village ditch service blocks carriageway after becoming stuck

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A BUS had to be rescued from a ditch on a rural road after a bungled attempt to turn in the road.

The York Pullman bus was on the outskirts of Melbourne when it was slipped into the ditch and had to be winched out by a local pick-up motoring service.

The number 36 passenger bus, which makes regular stops at Elvington, East Cottingwith and Ellerton, is thought to have been heading to Sutton-on-Derwent when it became stuck at around lunchtime last Tuesday.

The police had to be called and direct traffic after it blocked more than half the carriageway.

Eye witness Ellie Lewis, who lives around 100 metres from where the incident took place, said: “There were lorries parked where it usually turns around so the driver tried to turn in a farm gateway and reversed into a ditch.

“We live down the road and when came back from shopping it was there- we were very surprised to see it so I went and grabbed my camera. It was there for a good hour or so before he was pulled out.

“It looked wide enough to turn round but it looked like he completely missed it and went into the ditch.”

York Pullman have since commented that the driver made an “error of judgement” and disciplnianry action was being taken. They said nobody was hurt in the incident.