Bra appeal reaches 10k

BraRP251113''Cynthia Warrington
BraRP251113''Cynthia Warrington

A BRA-COLLECTING crusade has hit a new milestone with the 10,000 mark being breached this week.

The scheme has been spearheaded by local lady Cynthia Warrington for the past three years, encouraging women to part with their unwanted bras so they could be sent to underdeveloped countries in Africa.

In some areas of the continent, a bra costs more than a meal for a family.

In addition, for every item collected, the European Union has paid 10p, money which Pocklington resident Mrs Warrington has given to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

She said; “I never thought I would get this far, I’m just indebted to the people.

“The bras have come from the length and breadth of the country, they have come from church congregations, some have come from overseas and of course a lot have come from local people.

“I would just like to say a big thank you to everybody, including the Pocklington Post for their support. Under the EU recycling scheme it means we have raised £1,000 for the air ambulance, which will pay for two rescue flights.

“I just think that fundraising for this is so essential.”

Mrs Warrington launched the campaign in February 2007 with the Pocklington Leisure Art Group.

She works as an official volunteer for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which she says costs more than £7,200 a day to maintain, and goes up a minimum of six times a day to a cost of £500 per flight.

If 200,000 bras can be sold by the EU, under its recycling scheme, it will donate a five-figure sum of money to the charity.

Despite reaching the magnificent milestone, Mrs Warrington says she will continue to collect more bras.

She added: “It’s onwards and upwards now towards the next 10,000!”

Unwanted bras are being collected in the reception at Pocklington Post or people can ring (01759) 303367 for collection.