Blow for plans to build new homes near airfield

The proposed site to the north west of Barmby Road, Pocklington.
The proposed site to the north west of Barmby Road, Pocklington.

Plans for a new housing development in Pocklington have suffered a setback after the town council objected to the proposals.

A planning application has been submitted to East Riding Council to build the new houses on land to the north west of Barmby Road, near to Pocklington Airfield. The proposed site (POC-1) is not one of the sites that East Riding Council has allocated for housing in the East Riding Local Plan.

The plans have caused controversy, with Wolds Gliding Club, which is based at the airfield, claiming it may have to close if the scheme went ahead.

At a planning meeting recently, the town council heard from Jennifer Hubbard a planning consultant for the applicant, David Fielder. Councillors also heard from members of the gliding club and residents.

After hearing the various points the town council decided it would like to strongly oppose the proposal. It has commented on the application, saying: “The area is not included in the emerging East Riding Plan for development. The site was rejected because of its adverse effect the building of houses would have on the operation of the Wolds Gliding Club.

“The building of such houses would be dangerous to residents and those using the gliding club. If the emerging plan is to count for anything it must be adhered to.

“There is real concern about the risk of flooding as this area is already prone to flooding.”

A transport assessment submitted with the application has assumed there would be 250 houses on the site, but the figure would likely be signficantly lower than 250.