Biker died after overtaking car

A MOTORCYCLIST was killed when he tried to overtake a slow moving vehicle on a single carriageway, an inquest heard.

Pocklington osteopath John Nield, 47, died when he lost control of his bike while attempting to overtake and collided with an oncoming car on the B1246 road between Pocklington and Barmby Moor.

Mr Nield, who ran a practice on Market Place, was riding a new Triumph bike and collided with a Toyota Prius.

At an inquest into his death at Hull Coroner’s Court on Friday, collision investigator Alfred Place, from Humberside Police, said Mr Nield did not have the time or distance to overtake.

He said: “It was an attempt to overtake a slow moving vehicle when there was not the time or the distance that was contradictory cause of the incident.

“He tried to brake and the rear wheel locked and Mr Nield slid towards the vehicle.”

Agnieszka Powaga, who was sat in the passenger seat of the Toyota Prius when the incident happened, told the inquest: “I saw a small car coming towards us. It was quite a long distance in front of us.

“A bike appeared at an angle that seemed as though he was overtaking the car.

“It appeared he had enough space to overtake but it appeared quite hazardous.

“I remember seeing a motorcycle on the other side of the road and skidding towards our car at an angle of more than 45 degrees. There was not enough time to think.”

Mrs Powaga’s husband, Piotr Powaga, was driving the car and the couple’s two children were sat in the back.

When asked if there was anything more he could have done to avoid the collision, Mr Powaga said: “Not at all.”

A post mortem carried out by Dr Sanni revealed Mr Nield had died instantly in the July crash from multiple injuries, including his cardio vascular system and fractures to his ribs, chest and spinal column.

Richard Beaumont, vehicle examiner, found no defects on the motorcycle or car involved in the incident.

Hull and East Riding Coroner Geoffrey Saul recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Mr Nield’s sister, Corrine Nield, said: “He was single, successful and obviously enjoyed life.”

Mr Nield had moved from London to open his first-floor practice on Market Place, Pocklington. He lived at North Dalton, was not married and had no children.