Big thank you to Candlelighters after charity bag woe

Thank you to Candlelighters.
Thank you to Candlelighters.

I wonder if others in the area have experienced problems with having charity bags collected?

Recently, over a two-week period, the bag I placed out (and re-bagged) was left by three separate charities – Leukaemia, Age UK & Macmillan Cancer Care. I even rang the last of these to ask why the bag had been ignored on the day of collection (a Friday) and was told that it was too late to collect then, but that someone would collect it the following Monday or

Tuesday. Still it remained outside my door.

A further call, on Wednesday morning, assured me that collection would take place that day. It did not!

Only today (last Thursday) when re-bagged for a fourth time has it been collected by Candlelighters, and with a note of thanks being posted through my letter box, too.

Thank you, Candlelighters.

Janet Peacock