Bez not happy on Monday’s visit to fracking protesters

Dancer, percussionist and pop legend Bez joined anti-fracking protesters at Crawberry Hill, Walkington, on Monday.

Armed with a geiger counter in order to check for radiation levels at the site where test drilling is taking place in search of shale gas, Bez said: “There is a lot confusion at the moment over war and the threat of Ebola, but we need to concentrate on what’s happening in this country.”

East Yorkshire Fracking Site. -- Visit by Bez of the group Happy Mondays. --'NDTP PA1442-5g

East Yorkshire Fracking Site. -- Visit by Bez of the group Happy Mondays. --'NDTP PA1442-5g

Bez (real name Mark Berry) intends to become an MP at the next general election by winning the seat for Salford. He is visiting fracking protest sites across the country with members of his political party, The Reality party, and a team of documentary makers from Channel Four.

He said residents living near to the other East Riding fracking exploration site, at West Newton, near Skirlaugh, were already suffering headaches, nausea and respiratory problems and that there was a smell methane gas in the air.

He said: “Environmentally it’s insane to let fracking happen in the first place. Even professors on leading environmental issues are saying not to frack.”

He added: “It’s an unsafe technology. It’s been brought to us without consultation and there’s never been a debate on why we should frack and the dangers of fracking.”

Bez’s other famous visit to the East Riding was in 1988 as a member of the band The Happy Mondays, when they recorded the album “Bummed” at Slaughterhouse Studios in Driffield.

Bez added: “I had a great time in Driffield. We recorded one of our greatest albums there. Lots of love to Driffield!”

Regarding his Geiger counter, he said: “It’s just to be on the safe side. But if it shows any danger signs I want to be out of town really quickly.” See the video at www,