Beverley Action : 2nd Protest march to save Cobblestone Setts in the historic Market Place
Beverley Action : 2nd Protest march to save Cobblestone Setts in the historic Market Place

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is pleased to have reached an agreement with the Beverley Civic Society on the element of the Saturday Market maintenance scheme relating to the setts, pending discussions on one or two details.

Representatives from the council met with members of the Civic Society at County Hall on the afternoon of Thursday, 24 January 2013, where a productive and amicable meeting was held.

The council proposed amendments to the scheme, based on suggestions made by English Heritage at a meeting held last week, which will see almost all of the setts taken up and re-laid, by hand, to improve the surface finish. English Heritage is in full support of the scheme revisions.

The crossing points, granite kerbs and gutter will be retained and those setts removed will be kept in storage for future use on the scheme in the market area.

Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE, leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “I am delighted that, following these further discussions with English Heritage and the Beverley Civic Society, an agreement on this element of the Saturday Market maintenance scheme has been reached, pending discussions on some of the detail.

“This council has and continues to take great care when it comes to consultation and, following the gatherings and correspondences in support of retaining the setts, I felt, as leader of the council, it was important to allow extra time for further discussions to take place.

“I now hope that this scheme, supported by English Heritage and the civic society, can now proceed in a timely manner with as little disruption as possible and provide Beverley with a space that can help this town maintain its place as one of the country’s most vibrant market towns.

“These revisions will now be reviewed by the Beverley Area Community Partnership and will include those stakeholder groups previously consulted.”

A spokesperson for the Beverley Civic Society said: “The Beverley Civic Society has had further discussions with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and has welcomed a revised scheme to retain the setts, subject to further discussions on minor details regarding the setting of the Market Cross and parking in relation to it.

“We welcome the retention and storage of historic materials for reuse within the town and are looking forward to further discussions regarding the scheme development.”

The changes to the scheme will mean an additional 10 weeks of work at a cost of £150,000. The council and its contractor will therefore need to come off site ahead of the busy Christmas period and return to complete the work in early 2014.