Barmby Moor Bandits take on TV Eggheads

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A pub quiz team from Barmby Moor have appeared on a BBC TV show to put their general knowledge to the test against a team of the country’s best quizzers.

Barmby Moor Bandits challenged the Eggheads last week in a quiz battle which could have seen the pub quiz team win £15,000.

The Boot & Slipper pub’s Derwent Quiz League team, the Barmby Moor Bandits are made up of Neil Readman, Billy Bartram, Will Boulby, Kevin Lane and Joey Laverack.

Although they didn’t beat the team of top quizzers, one member, Joey Laverack, beat his opponent Judith Keppel.

Team member Billy Bartram said: “I found the whole experience interesting, exciting and I enjoyed doing it.

“The Eggheads were really friendly apart from when they were challenging us. It was a great experience.”