Bamber’s case “will be like CSI”

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AN EXCITED justice campaigner claims new scientific techniques that will help free convicted killer Jeremy Bamber from Full Sutton Prison “will be like something from CSI”.

Author Scott Lomax has been working on the controversial case of Bamber for several years, having written a book on the case, and believes the advanced work can be compared to that seen on the popular forensic crime-solving American TV drama.

He said: “The new work to be undertaken uses the very latest forensic techniques and analytical techniques.

“It will be like something from CSI. I have no doubt it will prove with certainty that evidence used to convict Jeremy Bamber should not have been used against him.

“I am very excited by this work and what we know it will show. This work will lead to Jeremy’s release.”

Bamber was found guilty of murdering five members of his family at their farmhouse home in Essex in August 1985.

He has maintained his innocence ever since, claiming his sister - who was diagnosed as a schizophrenic- shot the family members before turning the gun on herself.

Bamber was sentenced to a whole life tariff. The 50 year-old has now spent more than half of his life at Full Sutton’s maximum security prison.

But lawyers acting on behalf of Bamber have been given until September to carry out the scientific work that they say could finally clear him.

In an unprecedented step by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, because of the complexity of the evidence and importance of the claims, the legal experts say it could prove claims that evidence at his trial was fabricated.

The new scientific work follows that of expert Peter Sutherst who concluded that scratch marks at the scene, which were crucial to prosecution’s case, were only produced when crime scene photographs had been taken hours after the murders.