Baker’s Claus in contract – some fun, festive food

Sarah Ellerby and Simon Wilks of the Little Square Cake Company'picture: Michael J Oakes
Sarah Ellerby and Simon Wilks of the Little Square Cake Company'picture: Michael J Oakes

With the BBC’s Great British Bake Off inspiring bakers to experiment with new recipes, one local cake company is looking forward to introducing some quirky Christmas-themed bakes at the festive Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market.

Sarah Ellerby, who runs The Little Square Cake Company with her brother, Simon Wilks, says the TV show has been a real talking point among her customers, especially with the more unusual creations.

With this in mind, they are shunning traditional fruitcakes covered in marzipan and icing in favour of family-friendly festive treats with a modern twist.

“As bakers, we’ve always veered away from tradition,” said Sarah.

“We make little square cakes, rather than round ones, and are constantly experimenting with new flavours.

“So, for Christmas, we thought we’d try something new.

“Instead of doing fruit cakes, we are adapting our ‘death by chocolate’ cakes to include wafer snowflakes, stars and Christmas trees.

“We’ve done these before and found they are really popular with children, with many buying a box to take to parties.

“Also, in addition to our cookie slices, we will be bringing back a mincemeat one.

“We just thought it would be an interesting twist on the regular mince pie.

“Gingerbread seems to have had a surge in popularity over the past few years too, with children making their own gingerbread houses to decorate, which is why we will be making gingerbread Christmas trees and reindeer.”

One of their favourite regular events is the Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market, which they have been attending for the past six months.

This month, they will be attending their first Christmas market, which will be held on Wednesday December 23, from 9am to 1pm.

Sarah said:“The market is always so busy and we are building up repeat business, which is great.

“It’s also good to forge links with other businesses similar to ours in size. It’s valuable networking and a way to strengthen the local business community.”

The market has become the largest of its kind in the region and is attended by in excess of 5,000 people monthly.

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