Award-winning chef prepares for India fact-finding trip

An award-winning chef is set to jet off on a fact-finding expedition to India.

Syed Faruk Miah, who works at the Ve Raj restaurant in Shiptonthorpe, was one of 46 chefs to receive official recognition for their contribution to the UK curry industry at the Curry Chef of the Year Awards last year.

As a result, he and the other award-winning chefs will visit India’s most acclaimed chefs and restaurants to exchange ideas.

Asked if he is willing to share any tips on his father’s success, Fahim Miah, who runs the Ve Raj restaurant, simply puts it down to years of cooking with flair and keeping to authentic intelligent Indian recipes.

He said: “We are very proud of what we have built up over nearly 10 years at Shiptonthorpe and it’s a very deserving reward for my father who puts in 100% every day that he enters the kitchen and I hope he enjoys this amazing experience and comes back with even more secrets to success.”

The Curry Life magazine is one of the world’s most recognised industry magazines and the Yorkshire restaurant battled hundreds of other establishments to win a Curry Life Award.