Author publishes his third book

Book Author'John Sugden'PA1109-9
Book Author'John Sugden'PA1109-9

WINIFRED Holtby helped put Rudston on the literary map, and now contemporary writer John Sugden is following in her footsteps and looking forward to seeing his third book in print.

John, who has lived in Rudston for 15 years, is a former principal of the West Sussex College of Nursing and Midifery, but since retiring to the village he has poured his efforts into poetry and fiction-writing.

His first book, a childrens’ tale called The Early Life and Adventures of Cracker the Crab, hit the shelves two-years-ago, followed by second novel Sing Shenandoah for Me, which is set in John’s West Yorkshire homeland.

His third novel to be published, which was actually written first, is called Winter and should be in print by the summer.

It is set in Edinburgh and tells the story of a suicidal man who ends up on a life support machine.

John said: “I have written a lot of academic articles, mainly about psychology, but once I retired to Rudston I began to mess around with fiction-writing and poetry. I have been a member of the Scarborough poetry circle for the past 12-years and travelled to Italy to be a guest reader at the Cortona Poetry Festival in 2007.

“I write about what I have seen and experienced,” added John, who also has a collection of poetry in print called Motorcycles.”

He lives in Rudston with his wife Patricia Anne and they have two grown-up daughters who live in Harrogate and Derbyshire.