Author Judith’s latest childrens’ book is published

Judith Pybus
Judith Pybus

A CHILDREN’S author is hoping to continue her run of book-writing success with her latest publication.

Judith Pybus, of Barmby Moor, has released the second book in her “Childhood Friends” series, called “Topper - The Tale of a Horse.”

“The Ladder,” which was the first book of the series, has managed to sell a few hundred copies since it was published in 2009 and even went on sale at Waterstone’s in York.

She has also had another book published since then about a racing pigeon called “Feathers,” which has also sold well.

Topper - The Tale of a Horse is about a group of children who set out on an adventure to find a stolen shire horse.

The children are all from the first book in the series.

The Children Friends books are aimed at youngsters aged between 7-11 years-old.

Mrs Pybus said she started writing her first book after jotting down a few notes.

She said: “I just decided to start writing.

“They are based in my own childhood era in the 1950s.

“I just remembered one day writing a few notes down and I decided to write a story.”

The third book of the series, entitled “To See The Queen”, will be published in autumn this year.

Topper- The Tale of a Horse is on sale for £5.99 at Simply Books in Pocklington.