Atlantic swim

Gabby is hoping more Pocklington Dolphins will join the attempt to 'Swim the Atlantic'.
Gabby is hoping more Pocklington Dolphins will join the attempt to 'Swim the Atlantic'.

A popular organisation in Pocklington is supporting a Scout’s stroke of genius to help a fundraising campaign.

Members of the Pocklington Dolphins Swimming Club, which is based at the Francis Scaife Centre, are trying to ‘Swim the Atlantic’ to raise funds for Gabby Moore.

They are hoping to swim 4,000 miles to help raise £4,000 – the amount Gabby needs to accrue to attend the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia next year.

In order to secure her place, Gabby needs to demonstrate creativity and determination to raise £4,000.

However, in January, Gabby, 13, had to have surgery to break and re-set both her legs, which left her in a wheelchair for two months and then in casts with crutches.

She recently came out of casts and was able to walk unaided for the first time since 8 January.

The club members are now helping her rehabilitate and get her back to being competitive.

The surgery limited Gabby’s fundraising activities.

However, she came up with a plan involving the Dolphins.

She calculated that the distance in miles from Pocklington to West Virginia was almost exactly the number of pounds she needed to raise.

Gabby then worked out that if she had enough Dolphin members helping her, they could count how many lengths they swim in training and add all their lengths together to get a total, and try to ‘Swim the Atlantic’ collectively.

So far, the swimmers have managed to cover 929,766 metres, around 16% of the distance.

Gabby and fellow Explorer Scout Ellie Clarke, also from Pocklington, have embarked on various fundraising activities after their selection.

They joined forces to run a cake stall outside Pocklington Arts Centre recently, alongside their own campaigns.

Gabby’s next fundraiser is an afternoon tea event held at Bishop Wilton Village Hall on Sunday 20 May between 2pm and 4pm. She has drafted in some of her friends to provide live entertainment.

The cost of the tea is £5 for an adult and £3 for children. The tea includes tea/coffee/squash, sandwiches, and cakes. Call 07926 174864 to book a place.

Gabby said: “Everyone at Pock Dolphins has been great! Not only are they helping me fundraise for my Jamboree trip, but they have supported me through a really tough time.

“I’m so happy to be back in the pool and can’t wait to compete again!”

Gabby’s mum, Lizzie, said: “Gabby is hoping that with a little publicity, she will be able to get more Dolphins to sign up to help her and also generate some sponsorship.

“The World Scout Jamboree takes place every 4 years and sees over 40,000 Scouts from across the globe get together.

“Gabby is offering to come back from this trip and give presentations to local groups on her experience and what she learned.”

Any group or organisation that would like to support Gabby’s campaign can visit to donate to her cause.