Assaulted a woman

A MAN has been given a conditional discharge by a court after assaulting his ex-girlfriend and causing criminal damage at her home in Driffield.

Thomas Ward, 26, of Pulham Lane, Wetwang pleaded guilty to common assault and to causing criminal damage when he appeared before magistrates in Bridlington last Wednesday.

Prosecutor Jayne Wilson told the court that Ward and Stacie Barwick had been in a relationship for six months.

Ms Wilson said the couple had spent the day together in Driffield on November 4 but during the day Ward had been “quite spiteful” towards Miss Barwick and was calling her names.

At the end of the day Miss Barwick agreed to let Ward return to her flat that evening but after he left she made arrangements for a friend to visit her and stay overnight.

The court heard that Miss Barwick sent a message to Ward asking him not to return that evening but at 6.45pm he returned to the flat and let himself in.

He then left to get some cans of lager before returning and sitting in a chair by the window drinking.

“Miss Barwick asked if he was going to start and he told her he was going to smash her face in and would beat her up,” Ms Wilson said.

Ms Wilson told the court that Miss Barwick asked Ward to leave and said the relationship was over. She then sent a text message to a friend asking them to call the police.

When the police arrived Barwick was angry and aggressive and said he would return the next day to collect his belongings. But officers asked him to collect his things while they were present.

Ward pulled out a cabinet drawer in the kitchen area and threw it onto the floor causing it to smash. The damage was estimated at £60.

The court also heard that during an argument prior to this incident, sometime between July 31 and November 4, Ward assaulted Miss Barwick by pushing her in the face with an open hand.

In mitigation Nick Clay, acting as duty solicitor, said: “He shouldn’t have behaved in that way, it’s a stupid thing to do.”

“He says it was out of frustration that he pushed her away.”

That matter went no further, it was only when the police spoke to them about this matter that it was reported,” he added.

Mr Clay said Ward was hopeful he could re-start the relationship once the court case was over.

Ward was given a 12 month conditional discharge, ordered to pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £15.