Arts Centre brings in £22,000 in just seven days

Pocklington Arts Centre
Pocklington Arts Centre

Pocklington Arts Centre boosts the local economy and is estimated to bring in more than £20,000 into the town in just seven days, figures reveal.

Over one week, the arts centre brought in around £22,000, but local businesses also benefit from the centre.

Within the seven days, there were five live shows, five meetings, three film screenings, three music workshops, one theatre workshop, a post- show question and answer session, a conference, a standing ovation, a choir rehearsal and one exhibition.

A survey was carried out by the Arts Centre which collated the estimated figures. Janet Farmer, venue manager, said: “I think the last week further highlights the diversity and breadth of the events taking place at Pocklington Arts Centre. We firmly believe the venue contributes to the social and economic well being of the town and this will only increase in the coming months and years thanks to the recent refurbishment. We have been extremely pleased by attendance, participation and engagement, audience feedback, the number of external hires by community groups and local businesses and the continued hard work and support of our staff and volunteers.”

The 1,450 customers attending the centre also bought 353 cups of tea and coffee, 175 pints of beer, 114 items of confectionary and booked 73 hotel and bed and breakfast rooms.

Mayor of Pocklington Cllr David Sykes said: “The reason why we have put this together is to show residents who are perhaps not aware of what the arts centre does. It provides a valuable service to the community.”

Michael Messer, organiser of the recent Blues and Roots Weekend, said: “The refurbished arts centre has everything we could want, and the hospitality and helpful staff make it an absolute pleasure to spend time there.”