Artist is a real nature nut

Robert Fuller with comedian Julian Clary
Robert Fuller with comedian Julian Clary

Top Yorkshire wildlife artist Robert E Fuller is to star in the final episode of Julian Clary’s affectionate tour of UK wildlife lovers.

In the new three-part series, which kicked off on August 2, comedian Julian Clary tours the country visiting Britain’s most fanatical wildlife lovers - affectionately referred to as ‘Nature Nuts’ .

The episode features a trip to the Yorkshire Wolds where Julian Clary and his expert camera crew assist artist Robert Fuller in his research.

Robert Fuller, who is based in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, paints lifelike pictures that are the result of years spent watching different species in their natural habitat.

When the camera crew visited, the artist was working on a composition featuring a kestrel in flight.

“I wanted to get the posture right for a new composition,” he explained. “The crew helped me out by filming the kestrel with a high speed camera and then giving me the slow motion stills to paint from.”

“It was quite a new experience being able to draw on their technology for my research.”

A talented naturalist, Robert Fuller, devotes his time to watching and photographing the wild creatures living in the countryside surrounding his home and gallery. He uses his photographic studies as background research from which to paint.

The artist was filmed taking comedian Julian Clary on a tour of wild creatures whose portraits he has painted in the past.

They visited a badger sett where badgers are so used to Robert they will come within a few feet of where he is sitting, and Robert got Julian to help him ring wild barn owls.

“It was fun showing Julian the wealth of wildlife we have here on the Wolds. He was really interested in a stoat that I was training to run an obstacle course in my garden,” said the artist.

The episode is to appear on screens at 7pm on ITV on Sunday 16 August.