Area’s top pet names revealed

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Choosing a pet name can require a lot of responsibility and thought as after all your pet is a family member.

But have you ever wondered just how unique your cat or dog’s name is?

A company has analysed more than 500,000 pet names in GoCompare’s pet insurance quote database and discovered the most popular cat and dog names in Pocklington.

They are:

1. Poppy - 68 pets named

2. Ruby - 59

3. Alfie - 58

4. Bella - 57

5. Charlie - 56

6. Max - 45

7. Millie - 39

8. Oscar - 38

9. Molly - 38

10. Daisy - 32

These results echo the list of top 10 names across the country apart from Bella being ranked as the top name nationwide.

The research company said: “A total of half a million pet names were analysed from the last two years of pet insurance data for this project. When a quote was requested for the same pet more than once during this period, the duplicates were removed.”

Visit to see the full set of results.